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Gina Belforte

Rotary Club of Rohnert Park - Cotati, 2019-2020

President’s Message:

Our Rohnert Park-Cotati Rotary Club, is a place where people constantly make a difference in the community. We are people of action and strive to make a positive change in peoples lives, locally and internationally.

We promote peace by transforming areas of neglected ivy, in front of a community center, into a Peace Garden, where colorful plants grow, surrounding peaceful quotes, bringing a new look and feel to an older neighborhood.

We inspire our youth to become future people of action by including them in our Christmas present wrapping day, followed by a day in which we deliver gifts to needy children and families. 

Our members mentor high school students to fulfill a service project and become leaders who learn to honor commitments.

Together we fight hunger by distributing food to hungry families once a week in our city. 

Internationally, we save lives by working with other communities to provide clean water, polio vaccinations and clean sanitation. 

We connect our community through our Valentine and Mother's Day flower delivery and our Veterans Celebration.


As People of Action we:

*build lifelong friendships

*honor our commitments

*connect diverse perspectives

*apply our leadership and expertise to solve social issues. 


We are smart, compassionate, persevering and inspiring. 

Come join us in encouraging others to take action, convey hope, enthusiasm, and passion. 

Yours in Rotary Service,
Gina Belforte