United Anglers of Casa Grande, Inc.
Sep 05, 2017
Dan Hubacker, Director
United Anglers of Casa Grande, Inc.

The United Anglers of Casa Grande is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness through education and hands-on experience and to save a species from extinction.

Shadowing the scientists at nearby Bodega Bay Marine Labs, students are on the leading edge of current developing technology. Several members of United Anglers of Casa Grande High School have taken up intern positions at the lab, where they work with scientists in the fields of Pathology, Broodstock Development, and Genetic Analysis.

The coordination of collection of Steelhead Trout and Chinook Salmon material for analysis at Bodega Bay Marine Lab. The results are plotted and graphed, then returned to the facility at Casa Grande High School. This allows students the opportunity to perform correct spawning procedures. This technology allows genetic variability to remain intact.