Envirotech Services
May 22, 2018
David Franklin
Envirotech Services

David Franklin is a nationwide presenter, international consultant and award-winning landscape professional with over 35 years experience in the Green Industry, including 20 years in the erosion control and water quality sectors. He has worked on stormwater issues as a consultant, specifier, SWPPP writer/manager, contractor and inspector on projects including vineyards, mines & quarries, river restoration, freeway & railroad and home construction.

Mr. Franklin has developed and delivered numerous stormwater classes to the public and private sector including Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) personnel in Design, Construction and Landscape Architecture divisions, the 24hr Caltrans stormwater course to contractors working on Caltrans’ projects as well as courses for California’s new Construction General Permit

David’s personal hobbies and interests include organic vegetable gardening, honeybees, playing handball like a maniac and songwriting competitions.