West County Museum
Apr 07, 2020 7:00 AM
ZOOM Virtual Meeting - Donna Pitman
West County Museum

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Donna Pittman is the director of the West County Museum in Sebastopol. 

Pittman was born in Sebastopol at the old Palm Drive Hospital in 1947, went to public school in town and was a history and literature double major at Sonoma State. She became a middle school history teacher — “a job I adored” — before moving into administration.

“I followed my heart with my love of history,” Pittman said. “You know, there’s always that one person in every family — the old soul that likes all that kind of stuff.”

Pittman went on to be vice principal at Brookhaven and a principal at Park Side, before finishing her career in education as assistant superintendent for programs at a school district in Marin County.