Devil Pups Youth Camp
Apr 17, 2018
Clint St.John
Devil Pups Youth Camp

At 33, Clint St. Martin has been a hero most his life. He served in the Marine Corps as a staff sergeant and motor transport chief and deployed to Iraq in 2008. The North Bay native returned to Sonoma County and graduated with a degree in sociology from Sonoma State University. Longing for a sense of community andcamaraderie that the military provided, he joined the Mountain Volunteer Fire Department as a firefighter, engineer and certified emergency medical technician. In June, his passions led him on a trip to China, where he assisted an animal group, rescuing dozens of dogs from torture and slaughter at the Yulin dog meat festival. St. Martin looks forward to rebuilding local communities after the Tubbs Fire, working as a licensed contractor.  His home on Mark West Springs Road, was reduced to ash on October 9 during the fire, while he and his crew were first responders.

Clint St. Martin, is the Liaison Representative for Devil Pups which covers a large area that includes Santa Rosa, Windsor, Rohnert Park, Cloverdale, Sonoma, the Central Valley, Southern Nevada and Washington state; in other words, West Sonoma County to Northern Marin.

This organization is for well-behaved and focused kids that can go out and raise $100. They are not allowed to beg or corral family members or relatives, but have to go out to speak to teachers, mentors and business people by doing something positive in their presentation. This is almost considered a buy-in to the program: it is an incentive not to quit and lose their money. They must respect their country, military and the U.S. flag.