Humanitarian needs exist right here in our own community. 
Rotarian Brian Masterson, who is also the director of Public Safety, helped out Ed yesterday morning with a "Lifepack"; a hot meal pack similar to a military MRE (meals ready to eat). 
Member Paula Reinhold, past club president and current lieutenant governor for the district,  obtains boxes of Lifepacks from the Promise Center in Santa Rosa.  She then makes them available at our meetings for our club members to keep in their car.  When members run across some of the disadvantaged members of our community, they can help out by providing them food.  The packs contain flameless heaters that can be used to heat an instant meal, as well as snacks and fluids.  Our club members have given out over 300 such Lifepacks in the last year.
This was the first time Chief Masterson picked up a pack and he put it to good use right away.  Thank you Brian for your altruistic compassion for all members of our community.