Finishing his club visits by mid-October, and with the support and encouragement of Rotary International Director Brad Howard, Wulff was able to take advantage of a unique opportunity to participate in a Zone-wide “Connecting for Good” Rotary goodwill and promotional tour. 
Joining two millennial “young professional” Rotarians from Canada and San Francisco and two Rotaractors from Canada and Arizona, he embarked on a 6-State, 14-city, 12-day tour, stopping in major cities along the way to participate in large humanitarian service projects, organized and led by local area Rotary clubs, Rotaractors, Interactors, and community partners. 
After a kick-off event in Honolulu, Hawaii, the roadtrip in a Rotary-emblazoned RV started in Seattle, Washington, traveled through Oregon, California, and Nevada before ending back in California at the Zone 25/26 Institute at the Fess Parker Hotel in Santa Barbara. 
In an unprecedented move, on the Friday opening of the Institute, the Connecting for Good team enlisted all 500+ participants, loading them on buses and taking them to 3 different locations in the city to perform major community service projects.  The largest of the three projects was a complete renovation and refresh of the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club.  Even Rotary International President-elect Ian Risely and past Rotary International president Bill Boyd rolled up their sleeves and helped out. 
The tour used all manner of social media to capture its activities and its good works ended up as a feature article in the Rotarian magazine.